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Galeria Zé dos Bois

Esteves ©Vera Marmelo


Miramar is a project that brings together the talented guitarists Frankie Chavez and Peixe (Ornatos Violeta, Pluto) and which resulted from a chance meeting between the two musicians at the Guitarras ao Alto festival in Alentejo in 2017. On their debut album, “Miramar”, released in 2019, the duo presented an instrumental dialogue that, with originality and freshness, evoked the dramatic sobriety rooted in the Portuguese guitar tradition. In January 2020, the duo performed this disc live at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen (Netherlands). The successor, “Miramar II”, composed and produced during the pandemic and released in 2022, brings a brighter and more adventurous set of songs, suggesting echoes of the best Portuguese popular music of the last century, while transporting us along deserted Texas roads. Highlights include the participation of pianist Mário Laginha and a version of “Celulitite” by Conan Osiris. In the same year, as part of the Esfera project, an initiative of director André Tentúgal and broadcaster Henrique Amaro, Miramar collaborated with JP Simões on the track “Thelma”.


Through mesmerising folk, anchored in acoustic guitar, Esteves shows us songs that tell us stories of loss and love, which gave rise to a debut album of the same name, released in November 2019. Its successor, “O Alpinista” (released in 2022), full of simple songs, dressed in rich and delicate arrangements, was an affirmation of Esteves’ career and made several lists of the best albums of the year. Together with musicians such as João Gil (You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown), David Santos (TV Rural) and João Sousa (Old Mountain, Garfo), he is preparing his third studio album, scheduled for release in early 2025.

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