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Moss Kissing
Blondewednesday © Le Guess Who / Juri Hiensch
Vilamar Records

Moss Kissing 'Pass Through'

Producer and explorer of the audio-graphic world, he is one of the new faces of electronic music in Lisbon. Author of the program Sub Tempo, on Rádio Quântica, he has made stellar appearances in various venues in the city and was also present at the last edition of the Impulso Festival, in Caldas da Rainha. Moss Kissing’s cosmology seems to come from a convergent space between the European techno heritage and the new English contemporary breeze. During 2021 singles like Do on Low and Beg were appearing, loaded with good magic. The warmth of the bass demarcates itself, raioso, in rhythmic cloaks of perpendicular shapes and textural patterns. Heartfelt themes in the right place, nerve and sky together, in an alchemy where the elements demonstrated by luminaries like Burial, Autechre Mount Kimbie or Overmono make themselves felt – with the respectful detachment that allows the sharing of vision.

Pass Through is the natural step of someone who was solidifying presence, a self-portrait in several takes. The long recording allows us to put our senses in different mental zones. From radioactive dubstep to the delicate fragmentation of uk funky, there are a handful of prodigious electronic manifestations. A portentous record, even ritualistic, that condenses all the collective hallucination of our days. NA


Brave shaker on the decks, blondewednesday’s sets are highways to the imagination. Born in Porto, but currently based in Rotterdam, she was a guest at Le Guess Who Festival and left a phenomenal sixty minute collection for a joint venture via Radio TNP and Dekmantel.

Gathering as many dots as possible, Chicago juke music mutates into afro beats, techno figurations, and a blaze of invariably bastardized styles. A challenging amalgam to evoke; yet executed with the knowledge and confidence of one who knows where he comes from – and feels that the unknown is the best possible path. NA

Vilamar DJs

Vilamar is a Lisbon collective that also takes the form of a label. With the release of surprising records by Moss Kissing and Hiroma Keo, curiosity has only increased about the future astral projections of these people. The end of this night is thus left to the selected musical beasts from whom it all congeals. Pure. NA

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