Mumdance (all night long)

Galeria Zé dos Bois

“If something confuses the shit out on the dancefloor – that’s a beautiful thing.”

The manifesto of intent reveals, in the first person, the inquisitive and restless nature of a transversal figure in the cosmology of British electronica. For more than a decade, Jack Adams has been developing a complex sonic fabric – brilliantly present in its time. The insatiable way in which he seeks new expressions to the most recognisable techno or grime moulds has led him to a series of collaborations with Logos, Dawn Richard, Novelist, Pinch, and many others in an intense collaborative work. And indeed, this notion of community seems to be essential to Mumdance; on online platforms such as NTS, Rinse or Radio Mumdance itself, this artistic agitator already has an extensive musical archive as relevant as the discs released on important labels such as Tectonic, XL Recordings or the Death of Rave. An infinite body fragmented across various physical and digital channels with a constant sense of discovery.

Sometime in 2019, he once again sabotaged expectations by presenting the duo Bliss Signal. Together with James Kelly (WIFE, Altar of Plagues), they have reimagined metal as a genre less immediate to dance floors, setting a new fire to an already cross-border discography. He’s also a wizard behind the decks, and as such he’s been featured on the billboards of some of Europe’s top clubs. He’s coming to ZDB to give us a set that’s sure to surprise and with the whole night on his own. A portal to shake things up. NA

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