segundas na z

Não devo fazer os deveres ~ segundas na z

— by Maria João Petrucci + Giulio Dal Lago

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Maria João Petrucci
© Maria João Petrucci

~ Mondays at z ~ Meetings and experimentation every Monday on the terrace at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, they continue with Laura Gama Martins.

Duties accompany our learning, the search for our identity, what we want to be within what we should be. Constantly pulled to one side or the other. What a mess, just like solving a maths problem. If I do it this way and that way, I might be able to solve it. I want to play ball, should I play ball? I should write neatly, I want to write neatly? I want to draw pictures in my notebook, should I? I want to get the tables right and I shouldn’t speak too loudly. What a bore. Let’s dance with the memories of primary school and purge the shoulds and shouldn’ts from the inside out and the outside in. Triiiim has already rung to enter.

Once upon a time there was a boy who had three eyes. Then he ate an ice-cream and got three eyes, the ice-cream was purple. Maria João’s favourite colour is orange. When she was little she loved musical canons and if she got her multiplication tables wrong she’d get the metre on her head.

Rollercoaster interrupted ping pong ball, crawling on the ground !?@#*% it’s muddy, I am all dirty now, sssshhhhh… keep playing don’t worry!!? In a sound an action & in actions, sounds. Structure or non-structure?? This is the problem :O Tell me what to do, I won’t!? …Maybee…..what do we do now? Stay here just a little longer while Giulio plays it….what… not THIS track I hope??… it’s too late you had to let it go!!! Expand the familiar, reach the fantastical, accept the mistake…there is no actual mistake!! It will be just us together and it will be FUN …I hope…x

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