Night Lovell ⟡ Puto Anderson

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Night Lovell
Puto Anderson

For reasons beyond ZDB's production, the Night Lovell concert will be postponed to 00h00. The doors open at 9pm with a DJset courtesy of Puto Anderson (Prince Publisher) at 10pm. It will be possible to return the tickets between 9pm and 10pm.

Night Lovell

Until now, Lovell was a well-kept Canadian secret, but the path that now brings him to ZDB is part of an ambitious European tour of a few dozen dates that promise to enhance the other side of Lovell’s art: that of performer. So far, with Concept Vague first and his successor Red Teenage Melody, then Night Lovell has asserted a solid lyrical ability coupled with a keen ear that has led him to choose the right sonic scenarios for each of his intricate rhymes.

On his most recent album, Lovell has collaborations with Wavy Drexler, Dylan Brady or Nessly, but in essence that work is a vigorous monologue in which the Canadian rapper affirms a sure-fire candidacy for a place in the first division of a complex international hip-hop scene.

Puto Anderson

Txiga’s company spearhead, with debut disc coming out in the Prince soon.

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