St. Georges church

As Grouper, Liz Harris has developed a singular concoction of atmosphere and songcraft. Her best work hinges on its simultaneous distance and intimacy—though the music feels as if it’s emerging through layers of haze and obfuscation, there is an urgency to the melodies that cuts through with intense melancholy. Her music feels fragile, a quality that was intensified on the last two Grouper albums, 2014’s Ruins and Grid Of Points, released last year, as she transitioned to recording with just piano and voice. While those albums could hardly be called pop, they were accessible in a way that shed some of the mystery around her music. But on her first album as Nivhek, Harris dives into the obscurity and resolute stillness of her earlier records. After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House is among Harris’s most minimalistic works while also her most sonically expansive.

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