Crónica’s Night

— c/ Síria (Diana Combo), Vitor Joaquim e @c

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Vitor Joaquim

Crónica is a publisher dedicated to experimental, electronic and computational music and sound art, based in Porto. Founded in 2003 as a structure for local artists, Crónica quickly became one of the most important European publishers, having so far published more than 140 editions in various formats, by around a hundred artists from around the world. In 2018, Crónica celebrates 15 years of continuous activity with a series of commemorative concerts.

@c (Miguel Carvalhais e Pedro Tudela)

Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, founders of Crónica in 2003, collaborate as @c since 2000, composing, presenting performances, developing sound installations and music for theatre and audiovisual. In 2003 Carvalhais and Tudela founded the publisher Crónica, which they have directed since then. With more than 20 editions in their own name in various publishers and formats, and dozens of participations in compilations, Tudela and Carvalhais have developed one of the most regular and productive partnerships in Portuguese experimental music. Maintaining a strong identity characterized by versatility and constant exploration, Tudela and Carvalhais often collaborate with other musicians and visual artists.

Vítor Joaquim

Vitor Joaquim is an electronic improviser, composer and artist. He graduated in cinema in the areas of sound and directing. He composed for dance, theatre, installations and multimedia. He regularly performs live, all over Europe, either solo or in various collaborations with creators from various areas. Over the last few years he has developed regular work in composition for contemporary dance in Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany.


Syria is Diana Combo, who in this project adds her voice to the usual practice of manipulation of vinyl records and field recordings, in a gesture of appropriation with which she presents herself as Eosin.

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