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Galeria Zé dos Bois

George Silver


Gifted and inspired by the composing minds of this humanity, Wolfgang Tinder; interpreter of the great classics of classical music in electronic format finally presents his latest re-creations, telling the story and curiosities of the most listened to themes of all time. Last year he released his first work “Ringtone Sonata” on Panama Papers, available to listen to on any platform and specially made to listen to on any smartphone, since few people have polyphonic ringtones.


The lights vibrate. The walls converge. The energy is greater. We dance to the sound of a vibrant mix of sharp rock, ear pop, Latin, African and world rhythms. We celebrate life with energy and lots of colour, in a unique party. But what is this familiar feeling, what is this? “This” is beats that make the heart flutter and melodies that rock the soul. “This” is an authentic sound that resonates in the heart and trembles in the legs. “This” is PISTA: four people involved in a magical encounter where music becomes joy and connection, pure. After two acclaimed LPs (“Bamboleio”, 2015 and “Ocreza”, 2019) and many kilometres travelled across the country, they are now preparing a third record, which promises to shake up dance floors and break hearts. No-one is left out. Only sadness and melancholy – which have no place in this space – are left at the door.


George Silver is an instrumentalist, visual artist, performer, musician and DJ who navigates a variety of musical seas. He presents himself here through his flying discs and some of his productions, which tell a story through the earth’s crust, always in search of the beats that make bodies vibrate. It’s a kaleidoscopic and voracious vision that bogs down the most diverse music – African polyrhythms, tropicalist swing, acid house and the more chill derivation of the 90s or the contemplation of South-East Asia – and scrambles them with contagious happiness and amazement.

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