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Contos e Lenga Lendas ©Teresa Lopes da Silva
Patrícia Brito

George Silver & Gold 

In more or less recent times, few musicians operating in Portugal have the same proficiency and sense of urgency as André Neves. A native of Barreirinha, better known as George Silver, he has been an indifferent figure between solo performances, DJ sets, as a radio host with his Sincopado on Rádio Quântica or as drummer in DEBUT! and machine operator in AFF. A kaleidoscopic and voracious vision that gets stuck in the most diverse songs – African polyrhythms, tropicalist swing, acid house and the chillest derivation of the 90’s or the contemplation of Southwest Asia – and shuffles them with a contagious happiness and amazement. Innocent Indecent, released last year under an OUT.RA creative grant, denounced this thirst for discovery of a hidden pan-culturalism. Accompanied now by a golden band made up of David Caiado, Duarte Reis and Ernesto Vitali, it welcomes these and other worlds into any habitat where its frequencies propagate.

Contos e Lenga Lendas de Gil Dionísio

Contos e Lenga Lendas is a series of writings, concertos and recordings created by Gil Dionísio.

Violin concerts and sung tales. Melodies, songs and lenga-lendas created from the many worlds of Dionísio. Solo show of music, theater and dance for artist and violin.

Contos e Lenga Lendas has a book already published, as well as an ep already available online. Live, this show is truly for all audiences. From the most adult to the most childish, just for children, or just for adults, or all very well mixed together, just like a good family! Anything goes in the animal kingdom!

Each play a tale, each tale a story. And for each story there are songs, symphonies, and sounds for a violin that drinks from classical music that doesn’t want to be ancient, from traditional music from all over the world, and from an almost forgotten jazz: inspired by the idea of the solo, the soloist, and the stories that are told when there is no net. Juggling tales and stories that appear, always, when least expected. Plots and narratives to watch and listen to.

Tales written and interpreted by Dionysius based on the many emotions popular to man, woman, and everything in between, before and after, even the animals! Not afraid of the sharp claws, the children are the first to speak, in this show all the animals speak. Even the violin, which is called baby. Literature to be seen with the whole body!

Patrícia Brito

A sound compilation project that wanders between timeless rhythmic cadences and exploratory atmospheres. Planet’air, her program on Quantum Radio, is a digital listening testimony.

Besides the music, the frenetic alignment of his singular aesthetics in the textile project _t.i.l.o.

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