Noite Xita 2017

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Noite Xita 2017 and presentation of the second edition of "CABEÇA" magazine by Simão Boucherie Mendes

In this Saturday matinee, the feast begins around 5pm with the solo concert of Lucía Vives, from Ninaz, soon followed by the duo Kerox & Gon, João Raposo, Quito, Rabbit Radioactivo and the Sun Blossoms that close the first part of the night. After a break for dinner, the marathon is resumed with Grand Sun and by First Lady, Veenho and Ninaz. Also with the guests João Dória (Cafetra Records), the duo Afonso Simões and Miguel Mira, Migas and DJ NINOo for the closing of the festivities. DJ Hipster Pimba and DJ Meiaz are the service selectors between each concert during the daytime. Also the presentation of Cabeça magazine, signed by Simão Boucherie Mendes, food by chef João Raposo and advice from Uncle Pedro.

⟡Lucía Vives
⟡Kerox & Gon
⟡João Raposo
⟡Coelho Radioativo
⟡Sun Blossoms

dinner break

⟡Grand Sun
⟡Primeira Dama
⟡João Dória
⟡Afonso Simões + Miguel Mira


⟡Presentation of the second edition of “CABEÇA” magazine by Simão Boucherie Mendes
⟡  Zines
⟡Food by chef João Raposo

“O futuro do aconselhamento português passa por aqui” – Conselhos do tio Pedro

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