Noiva + trashCAN

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The concert will take place at the Aquário, being compliant with the rules of social distancing provided by the DGS. The capacity is limited and use of mask is mandatory.


NOIVA is the solo project of Sara Vigário, one of the most recent and promising names in the national panorama of electronic music and sound collage. The multifaceted artist presents us her debut EP “Condominium” a fun and meticulous approach to the theme of HABITATION. Here, unusual rhythms intersect with synthetic and complex compositions, in a kaleidoscopic presentation guided by concrete sounds and samples from the big screen, or simply an obscure video from youtube. No doubt the Setúbal district is already becoming one of the growing poles of this uncompromising and avant-garde national electronic music chain, and NOIVA is one of the most recent additions to the region’s rich repertoire. Her EP, a 100% digital and free edition, has been a small phenomenon in this experimental microcircuit of “music for musicians” bringing the legacy of projects like “The Books” or “Negativland” to a familiar, suburban (and for now confined) universe.


The trash CAN is anti-biographical. It never has. Lend your hands and imagination in this NOIVA’s premiere presentation in Lisbon stages.

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