Odete ⟡ “Water Bender” release party [New date TBA]

— w/ Odete (live), BLEID (live), DRVGジラ, Stasya, Alada, FARWARMTH and SWAN PALACE

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Due to the ongoing contingency plan to prevent the proliferation of Covid-19, ZDB will close down from 11 March to 3 April. This show has been cancelled.

Water Bender is a new chapter for Odete. It takes new steps in different latitudes, giving us a desired escape from the mundane and boredom. We then return to the initial question: what could be more vital than this?

On this night, Odete invites a number of distinguished people to celebrate, such as: BLEID, DRVGジラ, Stasya, Alada, FARWARMTH and SWAN PALACE.


Alada is a Brazilian dj & music producer and part of his evolution and purpose as an artist and character brings a new vision for those who understood as “music”, “art” and “gender”. Always with paradigmatic break approach, they work is high in emotion and sexuality. Represented by the collectives VRTGM, Tormenta and Fake Art. Now based in Berlin, Germany.


Lisbon based DJ and music producer Stasya is the bridge connecting emotional melodies with new club rhythms. With a multitude of influences spanning from gabber to hard drums, their work is significantly composed of a versatile mixing of musical genres.They are part of Rádio Quântica’s family and are also one of the co-founders of the transgressive LGBTQ+ collective and label Circa A.D, which focuses on testing new ground, community-building and demanding space for fellow dissidents to create and/or just be able to (co)exist.


Drvgzila conveys an extremely cold atmosphere in his approach to sound design. Dwelling in the shadow realm, Luis brings forth a wide range of textures from brutal noise walls to clipping beats that overpower and tear through the more subtle melodies and soundscapes lurking underneath. His most recent work “CHAINS” was released last year through Portuguese label Rotten \ Fresh


From noise to techno, ambient to a new wave of experimental club beats born on the internet, BLEID has been getting known for their versatility as both a live act and a DJ, with their sets being meticulous journeys through several speeds and atmospheres, covering a wide range of musical influences all fused together in a dance-floor friendly manner.

With tracks released on labels like Naive, All Centre and Ashida Park, while also being involved in some of Lisbon’s most exciting projects, BLEID is a resident at feminist sex-positive party mina, one of the co-founders behind artist collective and label suspension, host of the show Dismantle at Rádio Quântica and a familiar “face” at Príncipe Discos’ club nights.


Pedro Menezes dives deep through the fog within our souls. Carving his identity from an intrusive physicality to its sound and a raw, unfiltered human aspect, stepping foot into Menezes’ Swan Palace welcomes you with a heavy gravitational pull. Where the air is hard to breathe and its weight hangs on your shoulders, an intimate and warm feeling lingers through its halls, vulnerability at its core and a familiar state of stillness shelters you under its cloak.


Portuguese composer Afonso Arrepia Ferreira a.k.a. FARWARMTH is a keen collaborator, as part of the duos HRNS and PURGA and the collective 00:NEKYIA. He uses recordings of friends and family in improvised sessions with cello, flute and accordion with himself playing keyboards as sources which he then carefully processes using software.

Afonso talks about his compositions in terms of emotional resonance, the construction of “connections between time, people and sound“ and the sessions which make up his music being about “emotional exchange, that give way to something I did not imagine I could’ve reached alone.” He describes his music as “rooted in the earth, but aiming for the heavens in an endless search to breathe enough air.” FARWARMTH’s music can seem alien; recognisable sounds turned unrecognisable, channeling raw emotion by building layers of sound in unusual ways into huge energetic sculptures.

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