Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Mariana Balancho

The concert will take place at the Aquário, being compliant with the rules of social distancing. Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

‘Just one month after signing with Cachupa Records and releasing his debut single (BriliOH, 2021), OhTel is one of the highlights of the June program of this prestigious Lisbon venue: his stage debut. And soon in an aquarium that has seen better fish diving on his glass canvas, similar to a canvas where OhTel (as he says on his birth certificate) paints his emotionally drastic sonic paintings full of anguish, chaos, destruction and at its utmost, peace. It wouldn’t be a contradiction at all, just a way of putting it. However, it is in fact the best way, to discover for yourself the reason for so much fuss around this promising young rapper. And what a great opportunity to do so presented to us by ZDB.’ Luís D’alva Teixeira

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