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ZDB returns to collaborate with Tiago Barbosa, producing and presenting his second staging at NEGÓCIO. Tiago’s work, based on the actor’s practice, is distinguished by generosity and selflessness. The ability to generate and manipulate disturbing states of emotion brings us to the theatrical experience in its essence.
HI, I AM SANTA CLAUS comes from an individual portrait – which moves us through the sharing of anguish and private concerns – to reach a reflection on global questions, such as the act of giving and the economy in society, and the commerce in stake in the performative act.

Tiago Barbosa

Graduated in Theater Acting at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Worked as an actor and a performer in theater and dance shows by directors such as Rui Catalão, Miguel Castro Caldas, Gustavo Ciríaco, Nuno Gil, Jorge Andrade and Miguel Pereira, Ainhoa Vidal, Paula Sá Nogueira and André Godinho, Maria Gil, Dinarte Branco and Tiago Nogueira, Martim Pedroso, Mónica Calle, Bernard Sobel, Miguel Loureiro, Lúcia Sigalho, Francisco Alves, João Lourenço, Rita Natálio, Joclécio Azevedo, Vítor Hugo Pontes, Inês Jacques, António Pires, Catalina Buzoianu, Jorge Silva Melo, Adelino Tavares, Paulo Lages, Renata Portas, Marcos Barbosa and Edward Fão, among others. Took part in fictional series for television and has acted in several feature films directed by Sandro Aguilar, Francisco Manso, Manuel Prada and Patrick Mendes, among others. Directed and acted on “A Grande Sombra Loira”, a show based on Florbela Espanca’s sonnets, and on “OLÁ, EU SOU O PAI NATAL”, for which he also penned the text. Took part in the Science and Art project “Raízes da Curiosidade” (Fábrica das Artes/CCB) and is an associate artist of Galeria Zé dos Bois.

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