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Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk

In their debut album of the same name, New Yorkers Olden Yolk, led by singers/poets/multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler (Quilt) and Caity Shaffer, bring us a bit of psychedelism à la Boston with a touch of folk-urban-dystopian and a bit of abstract poetry, all accompanied by a motorik beat that packs us into a seventies New York.
This ode to urban life, results in a modern folk rock where the female and male vocals rise and intertwine elegantly, while the electric guitars distort the most dreamlike passages, reminding us, rightly, to put rock into this folk. A concert that will tie us to other times in the present and appease the chaos of Lisbon in this dream of a night of autumn.


Bejaflor: the album of the project of the same name by José Mendes, who wrote, recorded, produced and mixed it, while he was looking for something he could really call his own. Pop with the aesthetics of the eighties, electronic movement and influences of hip-hop production.

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