Visual Arts


— André Cepeda

11.09 — 22.11.08
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Individual exhibition by André Cepeda at Galeria Zé dos Bois

‘In recent years I have done several projects in which my work space is the contemporary Portuguese landscape. I chose the large format camera (4X5 inch) because in addition to precision and technical rigor, it has a slow working process. This method of work is decisive in the selection and construction of images and the involvement I have with what I am going to photograph. It forces me to look more than once, to know how to wait, to study the light, to have to make decisions and rethink the image.
I am always trying to build new ways of looking at reality and the space that is presented to me. I essentially look for forgotten and rejected spaces and moments. Things that belong to us and that we are used to looking at. This interests me in the exact extent that it forces me to create an image and relate to its space trying to forget its history and original reception contexts. Focusing only on light, space and time, I feel more free to create new contexts for the images, as if this almost sculptural treatment would give them back an apparently forgotten or neglected dignity. And so, these images become moments that provide a broader reflection on how we build our cultural and social identity. ’

André Cepeda

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