Opus Pistorum

— ‘Herbáceas’ presentation

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The concert will take place at the Aquário, being compliant with the rules of social distancing provided by DGS. The capacity is limited and use of mask is mandatory.

Opus Pistorum is a musical manifestation of Helder Menor, an autochthonous Barreirense who with some regularity breaks stones in cultural projects of the city is perhaps the most recurrent the Linha Amarela- Produções, the collective/publisher that has been launching small runs of emerging artists from the local panorama.
In this concert, he presents us the work he developed during the year 2020, a collection of environmental tracks that came from a reflection on the relationship of Humanity with Nature – more specifically with plants – and on the role that other organisms have in the dialectic relationships that govern life in society.

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