Visual Arts

Parágrafo [Cancelled]

— Solo exhibition by Marco Franco

13.03 — 02.05.20
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Due to the ongoing contingency plan to prevent the proliferation of Covid-19, ZDB will close down from 11 March to 3 April. The opening has been postponed.

Parágrafo is the first solo exhibition by Marco Franco, in which the musician and visual artist shows the production of drawings that he has been developing in the last five years. Best known for his vast musical career, which started in 1986, Marco Franco began to reveal another side of his artistic production, crystallized in this exhibition in which he shows around a hundred works on paper. Although still little known, this is a practice that accompanies him daily, arising from experimentation and repetition in graphic exercises, performed in an almost compulsive way, which gives rise to series of visual compositions that reveal a language created by Marco Franco, in which calligraphic and melodic gestures intersect.

Marco Franco

Marco Franco (1972, Lisbon) is a composer musician and self-taught visual artist. He began his musical career in 1986, with passages in rock and jazz, collaborating and recording as a percussionist in multiple projects. Between 2006/2011 he recorded two albums by his group Mikado Lab and, in 2017, edited “Mudra” for piano solo. Collaborated and created music for theater, dance and cinema.

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