Pass the Capo: 1 year of Lay Down Recordings

— Alek Rein ⟡ Cecília Corujo ⟡ Francisco Fontes ⟡ Monday ⟡ April Marmara ⟡ Filipe da Graça ⟡ Marinho

Galeria Zé do Bois

© Cecília Corujo
Alek Rein ©Vera Marmelo
April Marmara © Elisa Azevedo
Cecília Corujo
Filipe da Graça
Francisco Fontes ©João Cordeiro
Marinho © Maria João Bilro
Monday © Nuno Conceição

Lay Down Recordings Celebrates One Year with
PASS THE CAPO: A Special Night of Indie Folk from Portugal

Just imagine it. A group of seven talented singer-songwriters going around the stage playing each other’s songs individually and together in an intimate setting. Laurel Canyon 60s vibes. A folky’s wet dream.

Lay Down Recordings, the Lisbon-based indie music label that is beginning to be known for its unwavering commitment to showcasing some of the best of Portuguese indie folk scene, is excited to announce its one-year anniversary celebration. The label will mark this significant milestone on October 12th with a unique musical event titled ‘PASS THE CAPO’. The evening promises to be an enchanting ode to indie folk featuring Alek Rein, Cecília Corujo, Francisco Fontes, Monday, April Marmara, Filipe da Graça, and Marinho on the stage of ZDB in Bairro Alto. They will not only play their own songs but also each other’s, creating a memorable blend of melodies and stories.

The event will feature a unique format, where each of the seven artists will take turns playing their own songs and covering the songs of their fellow performers. Alek Rein plays Monday. Monday plays Francisco Fontes. Francisco Fontes plays April Marmara. April Marmara plays Marinho. Marinho plays Filipe da Graça. Filipe da Graça plays Cecília Corujo. And — you guessed it — Cecília Corujo plays Alek Rein. The folk bunch will also perform songs all together. What a love fest. This collaborative approach mirrors the community-based values of the label.

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