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‘Ilhas – Uma Constelação’ by Sara Anjo ⟡ Passepartout Duo


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'Ilhas-uma constelação' by Sara Anjo

Insularity is the central theme of this work by Sara Anjo, who in recent years has been an important element in the sphere of national contemporary dance. Ilhas – Uma Constelação is an imaginary mapping of a non-existent geography; or at least, formally non-existent. Here the body assumes a quasi-ritual calling with worlds, beings and conceptions of the fantastic. The piece in question seeks to draw a parallel between the sea and the sky, and in turn, between the island and a star. A holistic conception that speculates and finds other latitudes and longitudes. The magnetism of the unknown and the delirium beyond the physical and the visible; the performance poetry of Sara Anjo, mediated by the technical direction and sound effects of Artur Pispalhas, guides us to a timeless epic. Possible mythology and impossible reality, side by side, where only utopia reigns. NA

Artistic team:

Concept and performance Sara Anjo
Sound Design Artur Pispalhas and Sara Anjo
Light Design Artur Pispalhas
Technical direction Artur Pispalhas
Financial management and administration Vítor Alves Brotas
Production Agência 25
Agency 13_31 Booking
Residency Alkantara, AAAIDD – Grupo Dançando com a Diferença and Víctor Córdon Studios
Co-production residency Espaço do Tempo
Support Instituto das Florestas e Conservação da Natureza (Madeira)
Co-production Festival Lisboa Soa, Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, Câmara Municipal do Funchal

Passepartout Duo

Pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito form one of the most refreshing projects in 2021. This is because the music they create seems to renew and reconnect referential points in a graceful flow that is Passepartout Duo. It is the journey that really seems to matter in this sound exploration that is too restless to be categorized in ambient music, although the balm of their compositions masterfully disconnects the speed and ferocity of the world outside. The minimalism that marks his work brings to mind the infinite enchantments of Brian Eno, Penguin Cafe Orchestra or Steve Reich; frames that illustrate the power of the evocation present here.

With an extensive and fascinating body of performances around the world, between Europe, Asia or the United States, Passepartout Duo are a global voice in constant movement. Vis-à-Vis was the album that last year brought micro melodies made during a train journey through central Asia. Using handmade instruments, – between electronic and acoustic or between noise and silence – this translation of external experiences into music is a reality. Already this year, Epigrams and Daylighting emerged as two absolute albums, capable of gently throwing us into another space-time dimension. Delicious vertigo in slow motion. NA

piano Nicoletta Favari percussion Christopher Salvito

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