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Pavel Milyakov

If the tutelage of electronica has been graciously energised by a new generation, then we’re looking at one of those contributors. Prolific and without a net, Pavel Milyakov puts conventions into perspective, finding new quadratures around dance music and beyond. Buttechno is the pseudonym that celebrates acid rhythms, with an already unmissable constellation of discs by Incienso or The Trilogy Tapes. As a solo artist, the Russian musician and producer indulges in an infinite mental space; ambient infusions, industrial echoes or dub allusions emerge as definable possibilities for a matter in flux.

On the other hand, Milyakov’s boldness has not only shown the way but has also brought together talents. With vocalist Yana Pavlova, he deconstructed the rock spectrum with two portentous albums in 2021. In the same year he teamed up with Bendik Giske and had already called Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches). The latest album, Project Mirrors, is an exotic crystal ball. It fascinates right from the start with its melodic pulsations that find elevation in a rare state between opiate and frenzy. It transports us to mountains and valleys, deserted cities or distant memories of a rave by the sea – this cinematic content is, in fact, very present; not as a purpose, but as an underlying effect. After all, Milyakov always seems to find an unexpected creative way out of the incredible labyrinths he invites us to enjoy.

So we’re getting ready to welcome one of today’s wizards, after stints at renowned European festivals such as CTM or Atonal, or in meccas such as Berghain and Trésor. Expect the unexpected – that’s the only way it makes sense. NA

Rita Silva

Rita Silva is a Portuguese composer currently studying at the Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands. At the end of 2022, she released her first album The Inflationary Epoch, published by Colectivo Casa Amarela. Recently, interested in the cognitive effects of sound, she made the first advance of her next album with the single “apophenia”.

Accompanied by modular synthesizers, her work is centered on the exploration of melodic patterns that induce listeners into a state of trance, where the barriers between sound, space, and time intertwine in a psychoacoustic cosmos.

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