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Peder Mannerfelt

Peder Mannerfelt

The nearly two decades of music production by the Swedish Mannerfelt has been a hallucinatory game to follow. One of the current electronic wizards whose need for exploration is innate. With Roll the Dice he perfected the art of composition and with Klara Lewis he signed a beautiful digital portrait with the incognito title KLMNOPQ. In between, there have been collaborations with Fever Ray and Blonde Redhead, as well as an impeccable solo discography. The seeds of techno, the dust of afro, and the distortion of industrial punk blend in a demonic and ecstatic party led by one of the most stripped down producers of his time.

The arsenal of drum machines and synthesizers that usually surround his studio denounces a frenetic, curious, and demanding creator. The fact that he reaches so many spaces, from so many different approaches, makes following his work an absolute pleasure. He uses humor in a subtle way, as a way to break the ice, and doesn’t think twice about activating an oscillator to destabilize the mood. Discs like Lines Describing Circles or Controlling Body are authentic compendiums of this marginal and fearless freedom that so well characterizes Mannerfelt.

At ZDB he will present us with new sound frequencies, yet to be identified. Until then, to witness this occasion is also to be part of the story yet to be written. NA

Moss Kissing

Moss Kissing is a musician, performer and an audiographic researcher based in Lisboa. His live shows draw from a diverse range of sources; dubstep and techno form the basis of his sound and performance art and underground metal infuse his stage presence. Primarily, his work aims to stimulate dancing and movement, acting as a conduit back to the feelings he has experienced in queer spaces, raves and festivals. Self-described as Scott Walker with Breakbeats, there is an element of tongue in cheek in his work, yet he is completely serious. As for production, Moss uses an audiographic approach. Using sounds from his environment and from the people who populate his life, to create ruminated textures that combine with complex rhythms and throbbing bass. He will soon debut his album “Pass Through” on vinyl for Lisbon collective Vilamar.

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