Pedro Melo Alves & Gil Dionísio

— Conundrum cycle

Galeria Zé do Bois

Gil Dionísio
© Pedro Jafuno

Compared to some of the previous events in this cycle, this pairing of Melo Alves and Gil Dionísio doesn’t seem so much unusual as it does absolutely full in the possibilities it leaves open for this session. Two figures whose trajectory is defined by successive turns and more logical moments of progression in a vast field that encompasses different languages, histories and forms of a certain Lisbon that throbs without much apparatus but with continuous work. A musician capable of moving between different realities with equal nerve, Dionísio has been nothing but an honest and highly creative agitator of multiple lives and trades, mainly between voice and violin, passing through improvisation, rock, revisiting popular tradition, partying and everything else that moves him. Pás de Problème, Criatura, his short stories and Lenga Lendas and collaborations with artists such as Joana Guerra are some of the cardinal points that may (or may not) help map out the instincts of this being who very recently left a new coordinate on his Bandcamp with “depois do sonho, only the longing for who we never were”, a long plot for piano, whistle and police shooting with a “cover” inspired by Thelonious Monk’s ‘Underground’, which reveals a social-political side that shouldn’t be removed from it and the way we listen to it. Come what may. BS

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