Pedro Melo Alves & Odete

— Conundrum cycle

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Pedro Melo Alves © Vera Marmelo

Brave in its quest to probe new fields of action yet to be mapped – or if we want to say, provoke the unusual into good – Melo Alves invites Odete to this new session of Conundrum. Multidisciplinary artist with valuable work in the intersections between music, visual arts or performance, Odete has given life to a work that includes participation in performances of Dinis Machado or Gonçalo Lamas, the creation of soundtracks for films and, of course, her own production. In this field, and given all the activity that surrounds her, she has been relatively absent, with 2020’s ‘Water Bender’ as the last perennial record of her mutant music. Voracious electronics in a cybernetic and emotional environment, to which several languages flow, in a sound made of processed voices, beats in anxious break, inhospitable ambiences and cutting samples loaded with symbologies and meanings more or less hidden. Eager to hear new things, and also very eager to see how it will all play out tonight. BS

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