Peter Evans “Som Crescente” #4 with Rodrigo Pinheiro

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Vera Marmelo

Som Crescente is a workshop dedicated to the craft and performance of musical creativity. It seeks to bring together musicians from any genre into focused 2 day period of intense collaboration and practice, with a concert as a culmination. Peter Evans, a recent transplant from NYC to Lisbon, will guide the workshop each month, with the assistance of a guest faculty artist. Although the music prepared and performed will be highly flexible based on the participants and visiting artist, it will focus primarily on the creation of new works, composed and/or improvised, acoustic and/or electronic, and all combinations of the above. Participants are welcome from all levels and styles, and though the size of the ensemble will change slightly from workshop to workshop, it will generally be in the 5-7 person range to facilitate close collaboration and the chance for each individual voice to shine.

Som Crescente #4 will feature the pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro along with trumpeter/composer Peter Evans. This edition will focus on original music by both Pinheiro and Evans, plus improvised pieces. SC#4 will consist of a rehearsal and two sets open to the public. The goal of Som Crescente is to maximize real-world experience in creative music with a focus on self-reflection, craft and imagination.

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