Phelimuncasi ⟡ DJ Kolt

Galeria Zé dos Bois

DJ Kolt ©Marta Pina


The southern region of Africa continues to assume itself as the great epicenter of new mutations in electronica. As essential and enlightening as compilations like Gqom Oh! or Ayobaness have been for this side of the planet, fortunately the plan of discovery seems endless. At the same time, this is genuinely music of resistance and celebration. While such expressions greatly inconvenience local political powers, the tremor of artists like Phelimuncasi makes room for a vital notion of creative and identity freedom unprecedented in more recent times.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is once again by the greater hand of Nyege Nyege that Ama Gogela, the band’s latest album, reaches an audience beyond its borders. A powerful sonic document, conscious of its search for community and therefore also full of participations like Bhejane or the Asian NET GALA, among many others. Physical geography becomes only a referential point because this is, after all, a global call out.

Renowned for their mind-blowing performances, the kind that blow any sense of convention out of the water, there are rare opportunities to catch these fabulous people here. We feel like saying that this is the new punk; now without guitars or leather in the equation. NA

DJ Kolt

DJ Kolt co-founded the crew Blacksea Não Maya in his late teens, circa 2010, with uncle DJ Joker, brother DJ Noronha and cousin DJ Perigoso. Initially based in the disfranchised Bairro da Jamaica, by the time they released their debut in the form of a split EP with P.D.D.G. in 2013 on then up and coming label Príncipe their line up had coalited on Kolt, Noronha & Perigoso, as Joker’s run-ins with the law made him decide to flee the country. This stealthy trio went on to release “Calor no Frioo” two years later, offering new directions to theirs and the culture music lexicon, and started taking on remix requests for the likes of Salviatek, Yazz Ahmed and Hypna. In 2020 they published with Príncipe yet another chapter of aesthetic sophistication, “Máquina de Vênus”. As Hard Wax aptly put it “Remarkable, far-out, dark Portuguese-Angolan technoid hyper-Kuduro maneuvers”. DJ Kolt is the captain of the ship, assuming almost all of the conception and production of the music and imagery of Blacksea Não Maya, and no matter where his music takes him he’ll be signing it B.N.M. for life.

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