Primeira Dama ⟡ Alek Rein

Teatro São Luiz ⟡ Venue Luis Miguel Cintra

© Filipa Pinto Machado
© Gonçalo Soares

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Primeira Dama

In a moment that time seems to have stopped, and 2020 is consuming itself, four years have passed since ‘Mirror Lane’. A long gestation album, edited by ZDB, that left us songs like ‘River of Doom’ or ‘Vermillion Bird of the South’ – “In the clouds!” – echoing to this day and affirmed Alexandre Rendeiro as the oniric messenger, in words and sounds, ten years after the promising and very lonely debut of ‘Gemini’ – an album with a cohesive band sound, bringing psychedelia to the eternity of the song. ‘Gemini’ rambles on to the same dreams that inspired people like Syd Barrett, “Skip” Spence, or Faine Jade, with that symbiotic union of Crazy Horse or Fairport Convention. More or less archetypal references of a song with no defined time or space, immune to the zeitgeist of popular culture.

Over the years, Rendeiro has been drawing new songs from an expected new album, while being one of Sambado’s ‘Acompanhantes de Luxo’, and militating in the ferric Sun Blossoms. Of the latter, he brought to his new quartet the bass of Alexandre Fernandes, to which are added in this new incarnation the drums of Humberto Dias – also from Hercules – and a second guitar and voice of Martim Seabra, also known as Fisherman. A realization that has been shaping a new album, expected to be released soon. Some of its coordinates will emerge here, already – the escapism when we need it. BS

Voice Primeira Dama Bass António Queiroz Guitar Inês Matos Guitar, keys, voice João Raposo Drums Martim Brito Keys and voice Vera Vera-Cruz Sound engineer João Pratas Video Mariana Vale

Alek Rein

Bass Alexandre Fernandes Voice, guitar Alexandre Rendeiro Drums Humberto Dias Guitar, voice Martim Seabra

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