Puce Mary ⟡ Rui P. Andrade & Aires

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Puce Mary

As if Bohr’s quantum physics, Von Trier’s human fragility or Christian Andersen’s tales were not enough, even the Danish Puce Mary seems to explore the imagination and the possibility; almost inseparable, even. The creation of mental spaces or the synesthesia generated by her art are both natural and inevitable results of those who decide to break with a familiar, comfortable and soothing reality. In fact, all antagonistic elements in The Drought, possibly one of the most challenging albums we’ve heard in the last year – and a strong reason to continue to follow it in the near future – are the result of the work.

Rui P. Andrade & Aires

Two Madeirenses with a vast experience in the national experimental scene, Rui P. Andrade & Aires get together again after the opening concert of the last edition of MadeiraDIG, at the end of last year. They have been working together since 2015. The focus of the duo changed – first the sound cartography of the island of Madeira, then the melancholic vapours between the drone and the environment. While one (Rui) explores the mysteries of ultra-processed low frequencies combined with raw emotions, the other (Aires) unlocks the invisible film of the digital world, between the uncanny and the neon. Between the two, hands full of releases are unfolded, and from where collaborations with artists such as Bernardo Álvares, Sal Grosso, Dino Spiluttini and publishers as diverse as ACR, Genot Centre and Bad Panda are drawn.

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