Visual Arts

ZDB & CADA Artistic Residency

— Anamary Bilbao, Carlos Gaspar, Francisca Carvalho, Igor Jesus, Inês Tartaruga Água + Xavier Paes, Mané Pacheco, Margarida Magalhães, Olivier Perriquet, Pedro Henriques

15.10 — 31.10.22

In October, during two intensive weeks, the ZDB & CADA Artistic Residency will offer ten artists who live, essentially, in the city, specific conditions to deepen or reposition their work and their studio practice in rural territory.

This activity arises as a way to stimulate new ways of thinking and doing. In addition to physical, technical and other production conditions, the project also includes curatorial accompaniment.

Throughout these days, a series of late afternoon conversations will be scheduled with different guests such as Adriana Sá, Alexandre Estrela, Ellie Ga, Filipa Ramos, Gonçalo Pena and Graça Castanheira.

Along with the individual experience, we also intend to create community among the participants, and relationships of trust that support feedback on the work among peers.

Artistic Residency ZDB & CADA is a co-production between ZDB and CADA.

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