Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio ft Larry Ochs

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio
Larry Ochs

“It is not like jazz music, for which no learning is needed. Even monkeys can understand jazz. In fact, only monkeys understand it. It is not music, just a few crackpots making all kinds of noises and you think it is music.”

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho

Universality, an escape from truncated logical reasoning and tunnel vision for a very explicit liberation in a title such as ‘Desire & Freedom’.

It’s the right name for the last album of the trio captained by the saxophonist Rodrigo Amado, indicating a libidinal and liberating state, instinctive in the delivery. Working band of boldness and consistency, in a flow of triangular communication that connects to the blows of Amado the endless drums of Gabriel Ferrandini and the multiple cello of Miguel Mira with a view to a plan of elevation of the soul and physics, gathering teachings from various parts of the world in an incessant and true search for a song very his.
With almost a decade of existence, of constant affirmation, the Motion Trio is today on a level of equal lyricism and explosion, leveraging moments of improvised freak out and harmonic fields of timbric and textural wealth in the same breath. Always open.

In this open field, there is room for collaboration with other luminaries, he invites Larry Ochs to this concert. An imposing figure in the New York scene, whose work on the saxophone has spread among the unexpected Rova Saxophone Quartet, countless collaborations with people like Fred Frith or Glenn Spearman or the composition for soundtracks, on the most non-conformist front of jazz and its avant-garde ramifications. A surprising encounter with everything to go well.

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