Rodrigo Amado

— ‘Refraction’ Solo

© André Cepeda

The concert will take place at NOVO NEGÓCIO, being compliant with the social distancing rules established by DGS.
Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

Public reflection of all this long period of confinement, Refraction Solo by Rodrigo Amado was projected in solitude as a way to channel energies and reflect on his own path and its bases – his “masters”, the ghosts that hover over and are also his music. Gathering suggestions, mannerisms, and central premises of themes of greats like Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins or Thelonious Monk to refract them in a free and improvised speech, Amado inserts himself in a tradition, at the same time that he gives it continuity, sublimating that glorious past in the present moment. In a language that, from those “teachings” and with a vision all his own, has become his own, making him one of the most revered saxophonists of the European jazz panorama. Fair compliments to a musician of permanent craft, frank and courageous, whether through his Motion Trio, the Wire Quartet, the quartet he keeps with Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler and Chris Corsano and various meetings always pressing, he was maintaining a salutary activity that we never imagined was so long hidden from public view. Taking place in seclusion. And now being revealed. BS

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