Rodrigo Brandão apresenta Outros Estado

— Rodrigo Brandão ⟡ Luís Vicente ⟡ Yedo Gibson ⟡ Rodrigo Amado ⟡ Carla Santana ⟡ Galissa ⟡ Hernâni Faustino ⟡ Felipe Zenícola ⟡ João Valinho ⟡ Pedro Melo Alves ⟡ Eduardo Morais (DJ set)

Galeria Zé do Bois

© Artur Castro Freire

The experience that took place in December 2021 at Fabrica do Pão in Lisbon - in which the public was invited to watch the entire creative and improvised process of recording the album Outros Estado live - was captured by director Artur Castro Freire. The result is a 15-minute portrait that will be premiered before the concert.

Outros Estado is the result of the LX Livre residency that, in December 2021, brought together MC Rodrigo Brandão with thirteen of the most acclaimed improvisers from the Lisbon-São Paulo axis: Thiago França (Metá Metá), Guilherme Granado and Marcos Gerez (Hurtmold), Fábio Freire (percussion), Carla Santana (electronics), Rodrigo Amado (saxophone), Hernâni Faustino (double bass), Felipe Zenícola (bass), João Valinho (drums), Yedo Gibson (saxophone), Pedro Melo Alves (drums), Luís Vicente (trumpet) and Braima Galissa (kora).

The lyrical depth, the spiritual relations between the urban imaginary and the African ancestry in alliance with the punk look, define the particular universe of the master of ceremonies Rodrigo Brandão, who has wielded microphones for more than two decades.

He has recorded albums and accumulated partnerships, both on stage and in the studio, with big names on the world stage: from DJ Prince Paul (De La Soul) to Sun Ra Arkestra; from Brian Jackson to Tony Allen; from Rob Mazurek to master Pharoah Sanders.

Glazed in spoken word in a matrix of free improvisation, live the agitator rolls his own tongue on the exploratory sounds of key artists in the current scene of São Paulo and Lisbon.

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