Galeria Zé dos Bois

Presentation of the work developed while in residence in Lisbon, a ZDB and Matadero Madrid co-production with the support of Analog Repair studio.


RRUCCULLA is a prolific young experimental electronic music writer, drummer, percussionist and producer from Bilbao with an innate talent for beats.


Débora Umbelino is 24 years old and its known by its artistic name “Surma”. She was born in a small town near Leiria, Portugal and started having some musical adventures soon. The release of her first album “Antwerpen” earned the immediate attention of the media and great national festivals. In the last two years she had 200 shows through 16 different cities around the world. From the North-American South By South West to the NYC Indie Week, from the Dutch Eurosonic Noorderslaag to the French MaMa Festival, from the Icelandic Iceland Airwaves to the Brazilian SIM São Paulo, from the Austrian Waves Vienna to the German Das Fest and from the Spanish ARN to the Slovenian Ment. In the end of 2019 Surma is releasing a EP where she revisits her first songs written as a solo artist and prepares a second album with new songs.

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