Ryley Walker ⟡ Andrew Tuttle

— special guest: Fred Lonberg-Holm

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker

Five albums later and Ryley Walker confirms himself among the new generation of virtuoso American singers. A composer with an old soul in the digital age, a country soul without breaking the blues influences, a folk soul without disconnecting the psychedelic experiences from the current. His ability on the guitar has paved the way for improvisation and experimentalism, and if the newcomer, “All Kinds Of You” is characterized by his rustic compositions, Walker now seems to explore urban landscapes and unconventional sounds.

Ryley Walker guitar and voice Brian Sulpizio guitar Andrew Scott Young bass Quinlan Kirchne drums

Andrew Tuttle

It is in the extreme finesse of fingering that Andre Tuttle supports narrow chords of peasant existences, of desertified landscapes, between the rurality and the tar of the infinite roads. In a room surrounded by a banjo, an acoustic guitar and a synthesizer, Tuttle reaches “Room 40”. And it is in this room, in Brisbane, that the warm viola allows itself to be penetrated by the radiant sun like a morning that penetrates the little holes in the blinds.

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