Sarah Davachi ⟡ Yu Lin Humm

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Sarah Davachi

The Canadian composer’s latest album marks a subtle but significant shift in her music making. (…) Gave in Rest marks Sarah Davachi’s most extensive foray into the hands-on, real-time realm of studio recording, where the sound and even the vibe of the room are intrinsic to what gets caught on tape. (…) A tentative right-hand melody paces up and down the scale, pulling against the root note; pulsing overtones throb and relax as Davachi’s chords shift between tension and resolution. It is meditative, searching, but also peaceful the sound of solitude and solace. It’s one of the simplest things Davachi has ever written, and also among the most powerful. — Pitchfork

Yu Lin Humm

Born in Milan and living in Lisbon since 2015, after a stay in New York studying classical music in jazz, Yu Lin Humm carries in her genetics several origins – Vietnam, China or France – that easily reflect a process of organic agglutination of countless songs from Asia, Latin America and Europe, revealed mainly to the cello, but also the piano and the voice. Perfectly involved in the improvisation circuit, she has actively collaborated with Creative Sources. Islas Resonantes is her first album that we will have the honor to listen to for the first time.

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