Sean Riley

— 'Andaluzia' album launch

Galeria Zé dos Bois

In November 2021, Sean Riley and The Legendary Tigerman resumed their journey together. Starting from where they had left off in 2018 with California – an album recorded in motels during a road trip in the North American state – they are now back on records with Andaluzia.

Initially aiming for Tangier – following the beat generation route – the contingencies and vicissitudes of the pandemic meant that, tired of waiting, they got in the car and drove to southern Spain. Falling in love with a photograph of an old fishermen’s hut, they headed for the coast, and there they found the shelter where, once again, they improvised a studio in an unusual space. During three nights and three days, they recorded this EP with their eyes set on the sea. The recording and production were once again in charge of Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), who this time was also responsible for the arrangements and all the additional instrumentation to the guitar and voice of Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley).

Recorded in a simple and stripped-down way, Andaluzia is a tribute to friendship and love for music.

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