Silvana Estrada Trio

— ZDB at B.Leza

Silvana Estrada ©Alexa Viscius

Listening to Silvana Estrada’s voice on “Un Día Cualquiera” it is clear that, although she carries her Venezuelan cuatro everywhere, it is the dynamics of how the words, the phrases, come out that elevate to another level this miracle from Mexico. 24 years old, a just-released album, “Marchita”, “Murcha” in Portuguese, after “Lo Sagrado”, with Charlie Hunter, and the EP “Primeras Canciones”, both from 2018. On her first full-length, Estrada sings of pain, unlove, the sadness of loss, and what it means to live after that. The words and her voice wonder about that present, but also of the continuation of that present: after all, how do you get out of it, rather, how do you get out of it. Equipped with her voice, equally fragile, powerful, vulnerable to feelings and willing to embrace the nakedness of what is around her. The Venezuelan voice and cuatro command this set of unpredictable melodies, of unfiltered feelings. In doing so, Silvana Estrada explores the fragility that comes with it – her songs are all about overcoming – and allows for surprise when the songs let in other instruments. In the presence of these other resources, “Marchita” can be heard either as a jazz or orchestral album. Not surprising, coming from an artist who assumes the importance of Billie Holiday in her influences. However, this does not explain the parsimony of the arrangements, the delicacy with which she accommodates them and lets them dance around her voice: without numbing it or deviating it from the intensity of the emotional search/recovery. At times, Silvana Estrada makes us, the listener, forget that this is more folk and pop than an object of experimentation. Maybe because the invitation to enter her music is so modest and honest. Or because it is irresistible to indulge in a process of overcoming with such delivery and willingness. Either way, after “Marchita”, one realizes that she is secure and ready to conquer. AS

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