Slikback ⟡ Hangloser

Galeria Zé dos Bois


For reasons beyond our control, we are sad to announce the postponement of this concert. We are working to reschedule a new concert for 2022. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Kenya’s urban music wizard, the revolution is real. Regarded by many as one of the most refreshing names in avant-garde electronica, Slikback is synonymous with pure energy. Often linked to the Nyege Nyege collective, the notions of footwork, grime or dubstep are distilled here into a kind of magic potion that turbocharges anyone on the dance floor. He condenses several of these genres, without ever taking them completely, transforming them instead into a mashup of unique interpretations. Known for the fire of his performances, he has also played alongside the likes of MC Yella, Tzusing or Hyph11E – and participated in renowned festivals such as Le Guess Who or Unsound.

Reportedly with hundreds of home recordings completed, the Tomo and Lasakaneku EPs have defined Slikback’s profile and, in turn, his present and future. There we find a cultural heritage of his region, made of polyrhythms and evocative voices. The way he processes this heritage is an art he has mastered, for he knows how to avoid commonplaces and avoid creative dead ends. On the other hand, the sense of disorientation provoked by music is here, above all, an act of liberation – one’s own and with one’s neighbor. A feeling that only in the collective reaches its splendor. And in these times, there could hardly be a better premise for an evening. NA


Intense and enigmatic, Hangloser dedicates itself to a meticulous process of sound decomposition and other alchemies. One can identify industrial remnants and some abandoned techno, rhythmic illusions and sonic disorientations; elements in uncertain time that float in the work of producer José Quintino. Under this alias, Proposition 1231 was released by the attentive Capital Decay. A brave album in its essence and for what it proposes to provoke. It is hallucinating and portentous, yes, but also introspective and visceral. The complex micro cosmos it creates gains body in unusual but emergent expressions. Miraculously, it appeases and disquiets, in equal amounts.

Moving through genre wastelands, Hangloser brings with it a latent rave identity. With Olaias Chicane, released last year, there was a certain groove radiating from concrete and thunder. Melodies that recalled the visions of D.A.F or Throbbing Gristle in communion with the dark ambient of some more current Demdike Stare or Vatican Shadow. For the first time at ZDB, here are the bangers of the new millennium. NA

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