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Sophia Chablau ©wast3lands
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Sophia Chablau

Sophia Chablau doesn’t like silence, she feels it’s something horrible and that’s why, she says, she likes to talk, to not be silent. On this side, we prefer that she’s always talking, singing, her voice is fast becoming a serious thing in Brazil – and beyond – through projects such as Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo, Besouro Mulher and even solo, as she’ll be performing now. Of course, she’ll be performing her repertoire in her usual restless, tireless style of someone who can’t keep quiet. Not least because it’s not a good time to be quiet.

Zé Ibarra and Ana Frango Elétrico have already recorded his songs. The latter produced Sophia Chablau and Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo’s first album, 2021, which confirmed the buzz around them and made them one of the most exciting things to happen in a Brazil that needed – still needs! – a stir. Last year’s ‘Música Do Esquecimento’ confirmed that status. With this band, Sophia helped create a perfect communion between the Velvet Underground, the Elephant 6 bands and Stereolab, where rock is sweet, fluid, inspired and to inspire, with a sense of knowing history mixed with an admirable resourcefulness in the lyric, both the writing and the way it is proclaimed: think of a Brazilian Maria Reis from São Paulo and with – almost – everything that entails.

Returning to restlessness, to the restless side, Sophia Chablau sings with the freedom of a generation, the ease of being able to fulfil communication as we imagined it, to sing the words with the right tone so that you can feel what’s really on her mind. She makes music of modern poetry, of things that could be read in messages, in a world where those messages are love letters: without the tenderness of the love letters of yesteryear, but with the killer/abhorred/complete instinct that goes into a dozen characters. If you like, there are even emojis in what she sings, how she says it and how she makes a thousand and one recognisable emotions fracture. More than understanding the moment, this voice sings it with words as quickly as you can pay for them. Electric honey, who knows where the waste of time is in all this? BS


EVAYA is a Portuguese music producer, songwriter, and singer from Poceirão. EVAYA’s musical language explores mainly alternative pop genres, using the tools of dance and experimental electronics, serving up themes about the laws of nature – the timelessness and informality of being and the mystical aspects of our emotions. On stage, the artist will present the disc “Abaixo Das Raízes Deste Jardim” in a trio formation, accompanied by NICØ on modular synthesiser and Polivalente on drum machine and guitar. The artist’s voice will oscillate between an intimate and sweet register and a power of greater projection, sometimes more processed and sometimes more raw. EVAYA will offer an ethereal performance, punctuated by pulsating beats and natural textures. In an experience that promises to transport the audience to a different, dreamlike, and immersive sound universe

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