Spring Toast B O N E N K A I

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Spring Toast record label returns to ZDB with the same goal than last year: create a comun place where music and friendship are together, night and day. In this (re) edition of the festival we invite Sun Blossoms, The Gondors, Calcutá, Hercules, Beez, Granjo, Ohmaas, NOOJ, Leg Long and SunKing. This unique ceremony will also feature, visual effects, special live roast, a cinema session, and an afterparty. Not to be missed!

:::::: PROGRAM 忘年会 2018 ::::::

◐ Saturday, December 15
21h00 ::: Doors
21h30 ::: Perna Longa
22h10 ::: SunKing
22h55 ::: Granjo
23h35 ::: Beez
00h15 ::: NOOJ
01h10 ::: Sun Blossoms

◑ Sunday, December 16
17h00 ::: Doors
17h30 ::: Calcutá
18h15 ::: Ohmaas
18h55 ::: Hércules
19h30 ::: Jantar
20h30 ::: Movie ‘Cruzeiro Seixas – As Cartas do Rei Artur’ de Cláudia Rita Oliveira**
22h25 ::: The Gondors
23h00 ::: Closing party with DJset Hypnosis Room**

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