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Stanislav Tolkachev

Stanislav Tolkachev

Over the last two decades, Tolkachev has amassed quite a following. Even Aphex Twin couldn’t resist including him in his rare sets. Recognised for his masterful handling of the techno language, he has appeared at various European festivals and renowned venues such as Trésor and Razzmatazz. Seen as a pioneer of a genre in his native Ukraine, more than ever the premise of resistance hovers here – whether it actually exists or is merely suggested in the light of events.

Freeing himself from a minimalist structure, the DJ and producer glimpses parallel realities between almost miraculous moments of restraint and ascension. It’s well known that techno brings luxurious textural fabrics, making them guides for inducing hypnosis; in Stanislav Tolkachev’s case, this notion is closer to outer space than urban ritualism. He moves through beatless terrain, but dominated by a pulsating rhythm of modular and analogue synthesisers; and with similar familiarity he shares generous doses of dopamine – towards that earthly take-off. This magician’s genuinely transgressive profile puts him at the forefront of his contemporaries and opens up possible channels for the expression of a new psychedelicism.

In May of this year, the EP How Much Do You Know? was released under the Mord Records label. As usual, this turns out to be another piece that both helps us understand his musical persona and leaves room for Tolkachev’s sphinx-like spirit to remain in the shadows. Complex rhythmic labyrinths and unusual details make listening a constant sensory stimulus. Urgent in feeling, this is definitely a GPS-free journey to the fringes of techno – with the right to everything that can come of it. That said, it’s kind of obligatory to welcome this boss. And believe me, retribution will follow. NA


During the day, Teresa Vieira is a broadcaster and film programmer. At night, she’s a resident DJ at NADA. She has a two-pronged approach to sound: from the ambience that invites an improbable (ar)rhythmic narrative, to the space of desire for the lascivious glistening of night sweat. It seeks a rhythm of seduction, of envelopment: it’s about letting the body follow.

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