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Steven Warwick
Mercury Haze

Steven Warwick 

For years operating under the moniker Heatsick, Warwick demonstrated the artificial paradises possible through his bastardized electronics. Initially using vintage Casio keyboards, the DIY vein allowed the necessary infusion for everything else to interconnect organically, freely and, above all, urgently. Re-Enginnering is perhaps the record that best sums up this wonderful microcosm. In addition, the British artist has also contributed to countless sound installations, compositions, and plays written for film and theater. His music lives after all from this conscious decontextualization through linguistic experimentation – and thirst for new expressions.

Challenging perceptions around pop, Warwick combines funk breezes with abstract bits of house while echoes of other global frequencies subliminally tune in. The perpendicular shapes that trace his music allow him to take shortcuts across genres and eras. MOI appears then in 2019, already in his own name and bringing unparalleled dimensions. The song format seems closer, although the destination remains open to the variables of the moment. It is through the creation of imaginary spaces that the palpitating rhythms and enigmatic melodies are drawn – under a whispering voice of those who observe this alchemy happening in front of them. Surreal like People Like Us or surprising like Matthew Herbert, Warwick is part of this lineage of magicians of our times. NA

Mercury Haze

One of the surprises of 2022 comes from the hand of Quântica Radio, going beyond their radio status. The trio composed by Photonz, nëss and Slug Beetle evokes the organic dynamics of the band concept, in a different prism of what we know from the solo work of each one. The sum of the parts results in an EP of atmospheric pieces full of color, finding room for songs whose growing dimension not only captivates in the immediate but persists in returning to them, listen after listen. NA

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