Sumanth Manjunath + Julius Gabriel

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Sumanth Manjunath
Yashwant Hampiholi
Julius Gabriel ©Karl F. Degenhardt

This concert will feature Sumanth Manjunath, a virtuoso in Carnatic classical music, performing a solo violin recital accompanied by Yashwant Hampiholi on the mridangam. At the core of their performance, they will present Charukeshi, one of the oldest ragas to have ever existed. Carnatic music, a classical South Indian musical tradition, is renowned for its emphasis on melody and intricate rhythmic patterns known as tala. It often carries a devotional or spiritual theme and has a history spanning over 2,000 years.

The evening will begin with a solo set by saxophonist Julius Gabriel, showcasing some of his experimental raga-influenced improvisations for tenor saxophone and his unique twin soprano saxophone.

Sumanth Manjunath stands as a true virtuoso in the world of violin, hailing from a distinguished lineage of celebrated Carnatic musicians. Imbued with the rich heritage of his family’s illustrious violin tradition, he has been nurtured and guided by the esteemed maestros who precede him, namely his father, the maestro Dr. Mysore Manjunath, his uncle, the renowned violin maestro Mysore Nagaraj, and his grandfather, the violin vidwan Sri Mahadevappa. Sumanth’s performances are a harmonious blend of technical brilliance and profound emotional expression, serving as a quintessential embodiment of the Bhava style in Carnatic music. He has explored and drawn inspiration from a wide array of musical genres, including Western classical, jazz, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and Sufi music. Sumanth has showcased his versatility and musical expertise through jugalbandi performances, engaging in captivating duets enriching his artistry within the Carnatic and Hindustani classical tradition. Sumanth’s talent has already taken him to various prestigious venues, festivals, and music conferences across India and around the world. Sumanth’s musical prowess extends to teaching and cultural representation, solidifying his role as a cultural ambassador. At just 23, he embodies talent, dedication, and a rich musical legacy.

Yashwant Hampiholi has been playing the Mridangam since the age of six, mastering this integral percussion instrument deeply interwoven with Carnatic music. This classical South Indian drum, historically linked to sacred temples, holds profound cultural significance. Under the guidance of Shri I.V. Renuka Prasad in Hyderabad and Shri Karaikudi Shriram in Chennai, Yashwant honed his skills, delving into its intricate rhythms and melodies. For the past six years, he’s been under the tutelage of Dr. Shri Patri Satish Kumar, a celebrated Mridangam maestro renowned for his contributions to the world of classical music. Beyond the Mridangam, Yashwant also explores the art of Bharatanatyam under his parents’ guidance, enriching his artistic journey, all while pursuing an M.A. in Rhythmology from Madras University.

Julius Gabriel is a saxophonist whose work delves into the boundaries and intricacies of his instruments. He explores the dynamic interplay between corporeality, acoustics, transcendence, and hypnosis. His musical foundation is deeply rooted in improvisation, drawing inspiration from an eclectic spectrum of genres, including jazz, folk, classical, psychedelic, noise, minimalism, drone, and ambient music. As an enthusiastic soloist, he has cultivated various branches of solo performances, continually evolving his craft. In his solo concerts he immerses himself in a meditative manner within the unique spatial dimensions and resonances of each performance space. He crafts otherworldly soundscapes through electronics, transforms the tenor saxophone into a percussion instrument, the soprano saxophone into droning twin instrument and the ghaita into a hybrid single reed instrument. Julius Gabriel’s musical odyssey is exemplified in several solo albums, a testament to his versatile and innovative approach.

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