Super Ballet w/ Hailu Mergia

Galeria Zé dos Bois

At the age of seventy, Hailu Mergia demonstrates technical vigour, legitimacy of speech and the capacity for endless dreaming. Unconsciously, he shows us that this is his time too – and with an immense amount yet to be delivered. In the six compositions that now see the light of day, the pulsar of jazz stands out, wrapped in an incessant groove, full of creative possibilities. Listening to “Lala Belu” is a somewhat synesthetic experience, in which textures and rhythms merge with mirages of the past and the future. Above all, there is an optimism in the form of a message. One of the many accomplishments of this majestic return is to know how to court freedom and purity. Recognize them as pillars for a celebration of the existence that is yours. For now, he has no return date.

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