Super Ballet w/ Marie Davidson (DJ set) ⟡ Telma

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Marie Davidson ©Samantha Blake

ZDB and Super Bock present Super Ballet with Marie Davidson and Telma.

Marie Davidson

Somewhere in the descriptive memory of contemporary music, electroclash will appear there, with a brief but intense activity. Techno, on the other hand, and its multiple ramifications and fusions, make it flow even today in innovative scenarios, in a genre that transmutes itself. Canadian Marie Davidson rescues these two basic notions, without any revivalism or pretentiousness, in an improbable incursion into electronica with a punk character and an eternal social struggle. The song Work It quickly became a trashy anthem, a mixture of urgency and hedonism – with remixes by Jessy Lanza or Soulwax. One of many doors open to Davidson’s afterhours ballroom, as surprise is a constant. In between, a genuine freedom in squinting at the darkest pop or Nouvelle Vague cinematography as a possible mantra in a world that may have plenty of worlds (and, why not, underworlds?).

There are no predictable paths in Davidson’s work and exploring the five albums he has released to date, an acid vision carried through to the lyrics emerges. If at times it reminds us of the energy of Miss Kittin or Peaches, at other times the material becomes denser and hazier, even neonic. The latest Working Class Woman and Renegade Breakdown carry the stamp of the mythical Ninja Tune and mirror experiences or epiphanies (real and imagined) about the snares of capital, noir scenes and the writing of stale songs – far removed from this time. Someone who constantly re-imagines herself, the artist makes herself re-directed by excellent musicians whose nature of her songs takes on various guises and visions.

At an especially fervent time in her career, full of collaborations and various presentations, her coming to Lisbon brings us an ever fleeting but essential glimpse of an enigmatic constellation called Marie Davidson. NA


Telma has been living in Lisbon since 2011 and for the last five years has been sharing music in the country’s main venues and clubs. She grew up within the new wave of young national DJs becoming a regular presence in the main dance floors of Lisbon, Porto and other cities.

Her musical choices are eclectic and adventurous, within the various fringes of electronic music and beyond. With a firm thread, she crosses house from Chicago, techno and electro from Detroit, breaks and bass beats. At the other end, it follows the meanders of funk, disco and hip-hop from the late ’80s and ’90s. With versatility and astuteness, he meanders easily between genres and styles, crossing past and future.

The sharp instinct of someone who has trodden a prosperous path through the various facets of nightlife and music, with countless nights and mornings dancing in between. From years of photographing concerts and writing for webzines, to collaborating with independent publishers, collectives and promoters. To the production and curation of events and online radio shows. Experiences and immersions in the medium that give her the right intuition for both sides of the booth.

In recent years, she has shared nights with international names such as; Roza Terenzi, Kiara Scuro, Tapes, Red Greg, Cleveland, John Talabot, Danny Daze, Laurent Garnier, Kelman Duran, Chez Damier, Hadi Zeidan, Gilb’R, and many talented local artists.

In addition to her DJ schedule, Telma also works in communications and event promotion.

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