Super Ballet w/ MC Carol


The funk music of the Brazilian artist, MC Carol, also known as Carol Bandida or Carol de Niterói, is irreverent and sincere, touching on social and political topics, or simply the day-to-day life of Brazil’s favela slums in an uncomplicated and good-natured manner. MC Carol is considered to be one of the leading names of Brazilian funk, and is also recognised as an activist for her feminist causes and her fight against racism. In 2012, she enjoyed huge success with music such as “Minha vó tá maluca” (My Grandmother is Crazy) or “Não foi Cabral” (It Wasn’t Cabral) where she questions the way that we view colonisation and Brazilian roots. She has played with the Heavy Baile collective, created by the well-known producer Justi (with works performed with M.I.A. and Emicida) who brought together the beats of funk and trap for the production of Carol’s first album, “Bandida”.  Music is the way that Carol achieves political action and this engagement, together with life experiences such as the attempt on her life in 2018, transformed the artist into a militant for the women’s and black rights, she stood as a candidate for a member of the State parliament in the 2018 elections.

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