Super Ballet with Anthony Naples, DJ’J, DJ Python

Galeria Zé dos Bois

DJ Python
Anthony Naples & DJ'J

ZDB and Super Bock present Super Ballet with Anthony Naples, DJ'J, DJ Python

Absolute panegyric. The return of the Super Ballet night to ZDB goes hand in hand with Incienso, one of the most emblematic electronic music publishers of the moment. For five years now each edition has been a must. Call Super, DJ Python, Huerco S, Downstairs J or Buttechno are names that have added a greater identity to the New York label. A dream founded and carefully crafted by Naples and Slattery themselves who are also performing solo on this special occasion and who are celebrating their fifth anniversary with a series of dates across Europe, with Lisbon on that map. NA


Anthony Naples

Hailing from a community of producers and DJs with panoramic views, he quickly distinguished himself as a major agitator. Already with an extensive list of record releases, Naples’ decade of music production has been one of refreshing and inventive vision on the electronic scene. The dub-tinged, psychedelic compositions result in an ongoing energy of ascension. Discarding any kind of formula, there is nevertheless a sense of fusion and enchantment. Elements of ambient, acid-house, or post-punk music are found, although this game of identifying symbols quickly becomes labyrinthine; Anthony Naples’ magic is real and is done in a state of active balmyness.

Chameleon is the fourth and most recent album from 2021. A record with no GPS to measure, it tries to find distant paradises to the mind and reveals a craftsmanship in the treatment of melodies – with breath, but never forgetting the direction. Naples doesn’t seem to need an obvious rhythm to instill movement in the body or a journey in the head. In fact, it cohabits between the absence and presence of that engine, comfortable in that limbo where fabulous things just happen. NA


Co-founder of Incienso, Jenny Slattery is known for her incendiary dj sets. With her heart anchored to global music, she coats new rhythmic expressions to tradition, in an imaginary kind of quest from jungle to city. Each gig is a small big universe of memories, visions and hallucinations fragmented into a puzzle curious to follow and addictive to listen to. A key piece in this unmissable night. NA

DJ Python

Easily one of the indispensable names at the moment, DJ Python brought all the coolness possible to the dance floor. He reinterpreted the language of reggaeton like no one else, rescued dancehall with recognition, and continues to open inexhaustible paths in a wonderful mestizo electronica. The breeze from other tropics that Brian Piñeyro makes felt with his dragged beats and melting melodies is a very personal stamp that makes him a unique figure.

All that magic for head and body has been registered in a path of essential records, several collaborations and remixes for good people. But Amable was certainly one of the most celebrated albums of the year of the pandemic. Daring and sensual, it was the perfect emotional antidote to a world in apparent collapse. Already this year a handful of bangers appear through the EP Club Sentimientos Vol.2 and the participation with Naples in the album Air Textures VIII. It is one of those examples where we feel that the future passes through here. Music that hypnotizes, elevates and heals. NA

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