— w/ Authentically Plastic, S Ruston, marum, BLEID

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Fifth suspension night at ZDB w/ Authentically Plastic, S Ruston, marum and BLEID.

After the release of the first compilation “Tentacular Kinship”, which gathered 18 sonic experiments, suspension will release S Ruston’s first EP, “Narcosexual”, a celebration of breaks and high energy rave moments guided by voices that charms us with erotic tales from other realms. Mostly a self-taught musician, eclectic and a devoted advocate of a sensuous dance floor, the resident from Lecken has concentrated in this piece a vortex of experiences of addictive desire, coded into two tracks and a remix by Isabassi in this special EP. We are happy to bring S Ruston to ZDB with her fresh tunes and joining her is Authentically Plastic, artist from Kampala, Uganda, who has captivated us with their daring performance at NYEGE NYEGE’s Boiler Room last year. Our hosts, BLEID and marum, will have the honour to open the dance floor following a workshop with Kosmicare, the first one of a series of debates, screenings and exchanges, relating to harm reduction and party-after-care. This time we will focus on GHB/GBL, a drug that is causing stir among the communities of queer ravers due to its easily overdosed nature of consumptions – often mentioned as “colapse” -, knit-tight with sex practices and yet shrouded in myths and confusion.

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