Swamp c/ Diego Navarro ⟡ Arcana ⟡ Swan Palace + Kmado ⟡ Odete x Ecstasya

Galeria Zé dos Bois



Special and necessary night whose curatorship belongs to two unavoidable names in the Lisbon of here and now. Odete and Ecstasya thus launch the invitation to essential artists as well as to a collective that has already been promising in the national underground circuit. Much discovery, always.


Diego Navarro

The Valencian producer has demonstrated with the very recent CLEYRA that electronic music can and should be a vital force with organic contours. Snaking enigmatic melodies, Navarro avoids predictable results and extracts from the oneiric the best possible intuition for these micro-universes of sound to take on a life of their own.



From Porto, with love. Arcana is a band, a collective, an event producer, and, above all, an expression of artistic freedom. In a few months, they created a strong online presence and the song Pistola came as a presentation card for what was to come. From funk carioca to industrial, reggaeton and many other sounds, we find here a vibrant energy that contaminates their mixtapes and presentations. A journey that has just started, but already deserves a one-way ticket.


Swan Palace + Kmado

Long one of the safest portals to delirium, Swan Palace operates on the darkest textures to make color out of them. No Miracles is a treatise on magic in its time; a many-filtered look at the order of chaos and the rise of things – among other possible revelations by the producer who also takes part in 00:NEKYIA. In this unique celebration, he joins Kmado on stage. Parallel realities, as it should be.


Odete x Ecstasya

Meeting of the minds behind this Swamp Night, the story of one and the other goes hand in hand. In common they have this desire for deconstruction, guided by the fascination of experimentation. Somewhere between the sacred and the profane, between anime and science fiction, a new state of being and expression is created. Beauty on Fire. NA


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