Swamp c/ Namasenda ⟡ Desiludildo ⟡ Ecstasya

Galeria Zé dos Bois


Perhaps never as today has the term pop encountered so many transfigurations and raised so many questions. So universal and yet so enigmatic, artists like Sophie, Dawn Richards, Charlie XCX or AYA have known how to explore and solidify a totally free and vaguely coined approach on the web as hyperpop. If for too many years the poles between mainstream Vs underground dictated a handful of prejudices and pre-positions, these and other artists defaced borders and pointed out new expressions. Confessional lyrics imbued in an aesthetic maximised to detail, distortion, use of auto-tune and a delightfully hybrid musical vision; in essence, opening the doors of pop perception.

Coordinates that Namasenda didn’t simply follow, but took as equally his own – sculpting them to his experiences. “I don’t care about labels because I’ve been labelled my whole life, being a Black woman,” she put it in an interview with the online publication Crack. Listening to the most recent album Unlimited Ammo it is obvious this deep passion for R&B, eurodance, trap, metal or EDM. A complex exquisite corpse sound in which the improbable is maximized and surprise is nurtured, resulting in genuinely exploratory compositions. Delicate vocals in fusion with multi-coloured backgrounds tinged by rhythmic convulsions and digital mutations.

A heroine hailing from some imaginary manga edition, Namasenda brings future and a rollercoaster of emotions at the command of a euphoria gloriously fragmented by the anguish of days. And yes, pop (too) should be this. NA


Lisbon-born, London Based, Desi (Desiludildo) has made a name for themselves by Mixing Hardcore Techno with Speedcore/Nightcore and meshing nostalgic meme culture and PC music throughout the years, engaging the crowd with fast paced dj sets. With their release on NTS Radio and collaborations with Guttering, Inferno London newborn night BABYLON, and across the border with Maythey, Desi brings out the euphoric persona out of you.


Lisbon-based DJ and musician, Ecstasya is already a household name in their city’s underground music scene. Having worked with several collectives like Mina Suspension, Rádio Quântica, co-founding experimental music collective Circa A.D., and founding the hardcore party Maythey, Ecstasya brings together a whole combination of different elements that inspires them from all corners of musical genres. Influences like hardcore, trance or even hyperpop are evident not only in their mixes and sets but also in their own music production, where they seek to create an atmosphere of hard gut-wreching sounds mixed with playful or ethereal energy. Recently they have left their hometown nest to spread the magic of hardcore music throughout Europe, namely in Paris, London, Prague, Bratislava and Madrid.

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